Metal Engineering and Processing

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We are metal processing specialists, and we’re here to provide you with tailor-made solutions for all your metal needs, from the technical office to metal cutting, bending, finishing and welding. At Metalgama, we offer you cutting-edge technology, a highly qualified staff and excellent results.

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Cutting and folding

Completion of custom-made pieces

Finishing and welding


Technical office

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Why Metalgama?

First and foremost, because your needs are our challenges—and we love a challenge. Our priority is to provide you with the best service, and we’ve put a lot of care into our metal processing craft to make sure you get exactly that. We guarantee fast delivery and excellent results.


Square meters of installations


Years of industry experience


Welders with expertise in

sheet metal and stainless steel

“Metalgama is one of our chief suppliers. Their quick feedback, dedication, flexibility and drive to continuously improve are what have led us to consider them our partner. They’re tremendous professionals and together we form a strong team that works hard to get our desired results.”

Cronoplast, Noemí Párraga

Success stories

We offer comprehensive sheet-metal solutions for every business. We have met the needs of small businesses and major corporations, and we have made custom metal parts for all kinds of industrial machinery, laboratory equipment, automated electronics and more.

Machinery for the hospitality sector


Laboratory equipment

JP Selecta

Automated electronics for elevators