Completed Projects

With our experience we have worked for potential clients such as Utilcell, Benmayor, Iberital, JP Selecta or Babyplast.

We work for companies in a wide range of sectors.

Below you can find some of our success stories. Discover the challenge we faced, the solution we proposed and the results obtained.

Supply Chain

Iberital optimizes its supply chain with Kanban methodology.


Technological innovation of the steam outlet cylinder for Iberital’s ‘Tandem’ espresso machine.

Efficiency and Quality

Redesign of the perforated cup tray of Iberital’s ‘Vision’ espresso machine.

They already trust us

We are the solution you were looking for

Our experience, knowledge and satisfied customers endorse our work.

Benmayor Technosystem

Automation Company, Moncada Y Reixach


“We are impressed with the work done by Metalgama. They have shown us that they are experts in metalworking.”

Noemí Párraga



“Metalgama is one of our main suppliers. Their quick feedback, the flexibility with which they work, their involvement and tenacity to achieve continuous improvement make us consider them our partners to achieve the desired objectives”.

Georgette Hernández M.



“At Iberital, we consider Metalgama to be one of our best partners. It is an agile and professional team that is involved in every phase of the process. With a track record of more than 7 years collaborating together for the supply of key parts, from prototypes to series production for espresso machines.”

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