Iberital optimises its supply chain with Kanban methodology


The company →

Iberital is a leading manufacturer of professional coffee machines that combines technological innovation, design and sustainability with a constant commitment to offering superior quality products.

The challenge →

Iberital faced stock mismatches. The monthly planning of material replenishment generated bottlenecks in the value chain, with monthly delays.

The solution →

To solve this problem, METALGAMA proposed working with Iberital using the KANBAN replenishment methodology. This involved:

• The standardisation of storage.

• The establishment of a plan for each piece.

• The realization of orders to suppliers according to consumption.

• The grouping of orders by families to reduce the impact of small batches.

The results →

The application of this new KANBAN methodology made it possible:

• mooth production.

• Reduce inventory by 30%.

• Increase the level of service.
Increased customer satisfaction.

• Reduction of bottlenecks.

• Improve lead time by 2 weeks.

• Improve the quality of work of employees.

• The implementation of this methodology has enabled Iberital to get what it needs, when it needs it and in the quantity it needs.