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At Metalgama we offer you a personalised and comprehensive service for any challenge that includes sheet metal cutting and bending, boilermaking or surface treatments.

Specialists in the metal process

We are Specialists in Metal Processing


We have a professional team in the sector that will accompany you throughout the entire industrialisation process, from the offer to the delivery of the order.


We have a wide range of machinery that allows us to produce a wide variety of parts.


We adapt to the Client's needs so that the deadlines are in line with the Project's lead time.


Costs in line with the current market. We value each project economically.

Sheet Metal Cutting and Folding Service

Precise cutting and bending of sheet metal to obtain customised metal parts with high quality finishes.

Corte y plegado de chapa
servicio de caldereria

Boilermaking Service

As specialists in boilermaking, we design, manufacture and repair metal structures and heavy machinery.

Surface Treatment Service

We offer a high quality surface treatment service, using state-of-the-art technologies.

Servicio de tratamientos superficiales

Do you need a Tailor Made Service?

Satisfied customers

We are the solution you were looking for

Our experience, know-how and satisfied customers are our best guarantee for our work.

Benmayor Technosystem

Automation Company


“We are impressed with the work done by Metalgama and they have shown that they are experts in metalworking.”

Noemí Párraga



“Metalgama is one of our main suppliers, thanks to their quick feedback, the flexibility with which they work, their involvement and their tenacity”.

Georgette Hernández M.



“We consider Metalgama to be one of our best partners. They are an agile and professional team that is involved at every stage of the process.”

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