Cutting and folding

Sheet Metal Cutting and Folding

We are a company, with more than 40 years of experience, specialised in sheet metal cutting and bending.

State of the Art Technology for Sheet Metal Cutting and Bending

At Metalgama, we have machinery with the latest technology to manufacture sheet metal cutting and bending parts, in order to offer a guaranteed product to the customer.

And for this reason, we strive to offer a customer service that lives up to expectations.

servicio corte y plegado chapas metalicas
empresa corte y plegado de chapa

Strengths of our Sheet Metal Cutting and Folding

For the development of your project, we have:

→ A highly qualified engineering team.

→ A large team of qualified operators in the factory.

→ Machinery equipped for cutting and bending sheet metal.

Always at the forefront to improve quality and efficiency in metal transformation.

Our services

Our cutting-edge technology, at your disposal!

Laser cutting

Our laser cutting service allows you to cut steel quickly, accurately and efficiently, thanks to the laser beam striking the surface of the material.

Metal punching

One of the techniques we use for metal sheet forming.

Sheet metal bending and folding

Bending and folding to shape sheets.

Sheet metal bending

It is a process where a sheet metal part with straight edges undergoes a curvilinear deformation.

Advantages of trusting Metalgama


We have a professional team in the sector that will accompany you throughout the entire industrialisation process, from the offer to the delivery of the order.


We have a wide range of machinery that allows us to produce a wide variety of parts.


We adapt to the Client’s needs so that the deadlines are in line with the Project’s lead time.


Costs in line with the current market. We value each project economically.

They already trust us

Customers who rely on us for their bending and sheet metal cutting projects

Our experience, know-how and satisfied customers are our best guarantee for our work.

Benmayor Technosystem

Automation Company, Moncada y Reixach


“We are impressed with the work done by Metalgama and they have shown that they are experts in metalworking.

Noemí Párraga



“Metalgama is one of our main suppliers, thanks to their quick feedback, the flexibility with which they work, their involvement and their tenacity”.

Georgette Hernández M.



“We consider Metal Gama to be one of our best partners. It is an agile and professional team that is involved at every stage of the process2.


Do you have any questions regarding our engineering and metal processing services? Contact us, without obligation, for further information.

We work with a wide variety of metals of different qualities and finishes:

  • Steel: S235, S275, S355, DX51, S350GD, anti-wear, etc.
  • Stainless steel: AISI304, AISI316, AISI430, AISI310, etc.
  • Aluminium: SERIES 1000 and SERIES 5000

We work with different sheet formats, dimensions in mm:

  • 3000 x 1500 x thickness.
  • 2500 x 1250 x thickness.
  • 2000 x 1000 x thickness.

We adapt to the delivery deadlines according to the project and the client’s needs, trying to meet the agreed deadlines.

Each process has its own advantages and limitations, so the choice will depend on the type of project, the material and the specifications required.

The processes for each are:

  1. Laser cutting: CAD-CAM, material preparation and laser cutting.
  2. Sheet metal punching: CAD-CAM, material preparation and punching.
  3. Bending: CAD-CAM, material preparation and bending.

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