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Laser Cutting Company in Barcelona

We are a company specialised in laser cutting of different metals and steels. Our experience, state-of-the-art machinery and satisfied customers endorse our laser cutting service in Barcelona.

Laser cutting technology for maximum precision

We are committed to cutting-edge technology in the field of laser cutting, which places us in the ideal position to assure our customers in Barcelona of excellence in terms of precision and quality in every cut made.

Thanks to the advanced technology of our laser cutting equipment, we work with a wide range of metals and steels, achieving astonishing precision down to tenths of a millimetre.

empresa corte laser
Empresa de corte laser

Rely on Metalgama as your laser cutting supplier in Barcelona

Thanks to our team of highly trained and experienced experts in the mastery of laser cutting technology, as well as our state-of-the-art technology, we can guarantee that the cutting result will be as desired.

In this regard, we emphasise that we are fully committed to achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

And that is why we strive to establish close and personalised communication with each customer, in order to thoroughly understand their needs and provide them with a fully customised laser cutting service.

We perform different laser cuts in Barcelona

Our cutting-edge laser cutting technology, at your disposal!

Aluminium Cutting

Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and technology, you will achieve precise and quality aluminium laser cutting.

Stainless Steel Cutting

We are specialists in laser cutting of steel. You will get metal parts with high precision and quality.

Iron Cutting

Our iron laser cutting service will allow you to obtain unique pieces, adapted to your needs.

Tailor-made service

At Metalgama we adapt to your needs, there is no shape that can resist us!

Discover the main advantages of trusting in Metalgama

Equipo humano

Contamos con un equipo profesionalizado del sector que te acompañarán durante todo el proceso de industrialización, desde la oferta hasta la entrega del pedido.


Disponemos de un amplio parque de maquinaria que permiten producir una gran variedad de piezas.


Nos adaptamos a la necesidad del Cliente para que los plazos vayan acordes al leadtime del Proyecto.


Costes acordes al mercado actual. Valoramos económicamente cada uno de los Proyectos.

They already trust us

We are the laser cutting supplier in Barcelona that you are looking for.

Our experience in the laser cutting sector, knowledge and satisfied customers guarantee our work.

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Automation company


“We are impressed with the work done by Metalgama and they have shown that they are experts in metalworking.

Noemí Párraga



“Metalgama is one of our main suppliers, thanks to their quick feedback, the flexibility with which they work, their involvement and their tenacity”.

Georgette Hernández M.



“We consider Metalgama as one of our best partners. They are an agile and professional team that is involved at every stage of the process.


Do you have any questions regarding our metal laser cutting service? Contact us, without obligation, for further information.

Laser cutting is carried out using a highly concentrated laser beam, which melts and vaporises the material.

Once the desired shape and dimensions have been defined, the laser beam is directed through a system of mirrors towards the part to be cut, following the defined pattern.

The laser cuts the material with precision, without causing thermal damage to the part and at a speed that allows complex parts to be produced in an impressive time.

At Metalgama we use laser cutting technology to cut a wide variety of metals, such as steel, aluminium or iron, among others.

In addition, the precision of laser cutting allows us to achieve clean, high quality cuts.

El precio varía dependiendo de distintos factores, como el tipo de metal a cortar, sus dimensiones o la complejidad de la pieza, entre otros aspectos.

In addition to laser cutting, there are several processes that we use for cutting metal parts, such as:

  • Saw cutting
  • Cutting by punching machine

In Metalgama we use cutting-edge technology for cutting metal parts, so we invite you to contact us, without obligation, for further information.

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